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⭐ Find the best Amazon keywords with AI

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Our customers see an average improvement of 9.9% in organic rank on their top 10 keywords on Amazon within 30 days.

AI listing optimization tools to grow your eComm business


Get profitable faster

Use Perci to find the best keywords for your product. Then build optimized listings to get your listing indexing and attracting traffic.

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Find problems and growth opportunities

Use Perci to audit your Amazon catalog for Amazon-restricted phrases and keyword coverage. Optimize your listings for SEO and brand voice to boost your rank and drive more sales.

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Grow to new marketplaces and platforms

Use Percit to translate your Amazon listings to foreign markets like Mexico, Germany or Spain. Or migrate your Amazon listing to Walmart with a few clicks.

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ChatGPT isn't an Amazon expert. But Perci is.

ChatGPT is great for silly poems or birthday cards. 

But Amazon listings are complex. 

If you want to rise above your competitors, you need a tool built for eCommerce. Perci knows the rules and best practices for compliant, optimized, powerful listings to rank higher and boost your sales.

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    ChatGPT can't find keywords.
    Perci does SEO research in seconds.

    ⭐ Search keywords with ASINs and phrases

    ⭐ Sort with 1-click SEO strategies

    ⭐ Filter out problem keywords like competitor brands, misspellings and more

    Finding Amazon Keywords
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    ChatGPT misses keywords.
    Perci optimizes your entire listing.

    ⭐ Move keywords up and down your listing

    ⭐ See which keywords are optimized and where

    ⭐ Adjust your keyword density to your goals

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    ChatGPT's mistakes are hard to spot.
    Perci audits every word.

    ⭐ Restricted phrase alerts keep your listing safe from suppression

    ⭐ Listing score shows common listing issues

    ⭐ Perci auto-edits to best practices, so you always get good results.

    Amazon listing restrictions
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    ChatGPT is generic.
    Perci learns your brand guidelines.

    ⭐ Customize Perci to your formatting, personality and more

    ⭐ Save your brand voice to reuse on all your listings

    Custom voices
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    ChatGPT is still a lot of work.
    Perci makes eComm like magic.

    The better your listings, the better your business. Perci makes optimized content easy with a tool purpose-built for eCommerce.

The secret weapon of top agencies and brands

The most advanced AI Amazon tool on the market

  • All languages
    Find local keywords in every country and create professional listings in any marketplace and any language.
  • A+ content
    Easily generate all the text (and alt text) for your A+ Content with a few clicks.
  • Bulk listing
    Create listings for hundreds or thousands of products at once, in a simple spreadsheet.
  • Restricted phrase alerts
    Instantly know if your listing contains any phrases that can trigger Amazon suppression.
  • AMZ to Walmart
    Translate your Amazon listings into Walmart's preferred writing style, formatting and SEO.
  • Track your rank
    Watch your rank improve with Perci's daily organic keyword tracker.
  • Brand guidelines
    Train Perci on your brand ASINs, and upload your brand guidelines to generate listings in your brand's specific tone of voice and formatting.

Featured In

Matt rollens Matt rollens

See how Dragon Glassware beats the competition with Perci

"With Perci, it's easy to go in and have a whole new listing generated quickly. You can change things quickly on the fly. Thank you for making a great product!"

Matt Rollens, Dragon Glassware owner

Plans and Pricing

Try Perci risk-free for 30 days with our money-back guarantee.

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  • Starter

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      6 listings/month
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      Track 20 keywords daily
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      Keyword Wizard
  • Pro

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      20 listings/month
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      Track 100 keywords daily
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      Keyword Wizard
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      A+ Content Generator
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      Walmart Listing Generator
  • Business

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      50 listings/month
    • ✓
      Track 1000 keywords daily
    • ✓
      Keyword Wizard
    • ✓
      A+ Content Generator
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      Walmart Listing Generator
    • ✓
      Bulk listing generation
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      Custom brand guidelines

Need more options?

  • Pay As You Go

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      Use credits when you need them
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      No monthly renewal
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      Keyword wizard
  • Enterprise

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      For large catalogs
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      API access
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      Dedicated support
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      Custom-built workflows
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      We'll partner with you to adapt your content process
  • "As an Amazon agency, we specialize in creating high-converting listings that reflect the needs and preferences of customers. Perci.ai is an essential tool that generates concise, precise, and compelling pieces of text, highlighting the product's key features and benefits and saving us tons of time.

    We've been working with Amazon since 2010 and tried many different Amazon tools. Perci is the most precise and useful AI solution on the market (compared with AI listings made by Helium10, Data Dive or Zon Guru)."

    Rose, Amazonette.com
  • "We are diamond users of Helium 10 and they just added chatgtp to the tool.  I did a listing with Perci and then theirs with the same prompts to compare, and the Perci listing came out WAY better. Plus have way more customization with Perci which I love. 

    I hardly had to revise anything, I was amazed by it. "

    Tim Covey, Brand Owner
  • "I tried a bunch of AI listing tools and Perci makes it so easy! The writing was perfect and I barely changed anything."

    Britni Miller, Product Marketing | Pit Posse Motorsports
  • I took on a new job at a company where I was tasked with getting literally thousands of products listed and optimized on Amazon. The sheer volume was overwhelming and I thought, "How am I ever going to get this done?" Enter Perci--what an amazing tool. I tried using chatgpt and other ai tools with my own spreadsheets, but the process was slow and cumbersome. Perci has done all of the setup for you ahead of time. All you have to do is enter a little information about your product and play with a few settings and then BAM, you have a listing that meets all of amazon's rules and requirements. It's fantastic. And it includes an SEO keyword tool to boot. Can't say enough good things about this product. You'd be a fool not to use it.

    Colin O'Quinn, Channel Market Manager
  • "Perci is just amazing. I write many product descriptions on a daily basis and it takes me hours. But when I used Perci, it took me less than a minute to get a professional listing. The sentences were perfect without any grammer or spelling mistakes with high quality content. Every description was unique and different."

    Warfana Saeed, Virtual Assistant

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