AI Amazon SEO Research Tool (Keyword Wizard)

Use AI to quickly find the most powerful Amazon SEO keywords and phrases for your listing. Keyword Wizard is the most advanced Amazon keyword tool on the market.

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Find Your Amazon Keywords, Your Way

With Perci it's never been easier to find powerful, high-performing keywords for your listing.

  • Reverse-ASIN lookup

    Find the keywords and ranking strategies your top competitors are using so you can steal their success or spot opportunities they missed.

  • Broad Keyword Search

    Discover the top Amazon keywords for your listing with root keyword search to look across all Amazon SEO.

  • Choose Your Keyword Strategies

    Pick your keyword strategy and Perci will instantly find the top Amazon SEO keywords and phrases that will maximize your reach and traffic.

  • Refine your list with AI

    No more manually sorting through hundreds of keywords yourself, by hand. Perci uses AI to automatically find and remove bad keywords from your list.

  • Export your Keywords

    Once you're finished refining your keyword list, export it to Perci's Listing Generator with one click and download your list for PPC.

Create A Powerful Launch

The right Amazon SEO keywords are essential to driving traffic to your listings. Perci's Keyword Wizard will help you find your ranking strategy and execute on it.

Catch Unwanted Amazon SEO Keywords With AI

Perci uses AI to detect branded keywords, and irrelevant terms, foreign languages and misspelled keywords so you can remove them or use in your backend. So your final keyword list converts better and improves the performance of your listing.

Discover Powerful New Keywords

Amazon SEO is always changing—that's why we re-optimize listings. Keyword Wizard makes it easy to update your keyword research and find the new keywords shoppers are using to search your products.

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