Amazon Listing Optimization with Perci [2024]

published on 07 February 2024

Note: this is a guide to optimizing your existing Amazon listings. If you’re creating a new listing, check out our guide HERE.

Amazon listing optimization is all about improving your product listing in order to improve your rank and conversions. 

If you're selling on Amazon, how well your products rank and how visible they are to potential customers depends entirely on how well you optimize your listing.

That means finessing your product title, description, key product features, and backend keywords. The better you are at this, the more visible your products will be to potential buyers, leading to increased sales.

Of course, anyone who has done listing optimization knows it's typically a lot of work. That’s one of the reasons why optimization is so powerful: by putting in the effort other sellers can’t (or don’t), you can vastly outperform the competition.

Enter Perci—a tool that makes Amazon listing optimization simple, fast and easy. Perci uses your existing product listings and leverages that data to find high-impact keywords to combine with your existing keywords. Then it uses AI to write fresh, optimized Amazon listings. 

So, buckle up as we go step-by-step into listing optimization and how to use Perci to make your Amazon listings work harder for you. It's going to be a gamechanger!

What is Amazon Listing Optimization?

Amazon Listing Optimization is the process of updating and arranging your product information on Amazon in a way that maximizes visibility and conversion rates. 

This includes perfecting your product titles, images, descriptions, backend search terms and, if applicable, Enhanced Brand Content or A+ Content. 

The goal? To make your products more appealing to both Amazon's algorithm and potential customers. 

Why Should I Optimize Amazon Listings?

The more your products appear in Amazon's search results, the more traffic heads to your product pages, and the higher your chance of driving conversions and boosting your sales. 

In a marketplace as crowded as Amazon, just being ‘present’ won't cut it. You've got to stand out, and an optimized listing is your ticket to being noticed.

Optimization Can Be Big Or Small

You don’t necessarily have to turn everything upside down in your listing to optimize it.

Depending on how good your listing already is, or how SEO has changed on Amazon, optimizing could be as simple as updating a few keywords in your title. On the other hand, if your bullets are just a few words each, or you’re entirely missing a product description, it’s well worth giving your listing some serious attention.

This listing has had some effort put in already, so probably wouldn't need much work.
This listing has had some effort put in already, so probably wouldn't need much work.
This listing is very bare—short title, only one short bullet—so it needs a lot of updated content.
This listing is very bare—short title, only one short bullet—so it needs a lot of updated content.

I’ll show how you can handle low-effort or high-effort cases when we go through optimization step-by-step below.

In the upcoming sections, we'll show exactly how to optimize with Perci’s market-leading AI tools, and we’ll use the listing above as an example. Stay with us as we unravel how Perci can help you optimize your existing listings!

Step 1: Keyword Research with Perci’s Keyword Wizard

The first step of optimization is doing keyword research.

Why? Because you need to know:

  1. Updated SEO metrics for your existing keywords
  2. What keywords you might be missing out on

To do this, we’re going to start in Perci’s Keyword Wizard tool:


Keyword Wizard allows you to search ASINs and/or keywords, and get a keyword list with all the metrics to compare them like search volume, keyword sales, CPC, relevance and keyword competition.


You want to compare your existing keywords with other possible keywords from your category, and come up with a combined updated keyword list.

You can do this do this with Keyword Wizard by doing a keyword search, and including your own ASIN in the search so you’re compare all keywords together—your own, and potential new ones. 

So enter your ASIN into the search field, and then add either a root keyword (like ‘yoga mat’ or ‘upholstery clip’), or other competitor ASINs. Keyword Wizard can take up to 10 ASINs, and a keyword search term.

Next, enter the name of your product.

Finally, you want to pull any product information from your listing and put it into the ‘product details’ section below the product name:

  • Copy and paste the listing title
  • Copy and paste all the bullets (all at once, formatting doesn’t matter)
  • Copy and paste any description text

This will give Perci as much information about your product as possible, both for keyword research and listing creation. 

All your information will look like this:


Now hit Search!


You’ll see all the keyword search results. This is a combination of your current keywords, and other keyword contenders. 

Note: you’ll see irrelevant keywords, other brands and other bad keywords in your search results. Don’t worry! We’ll take care of these later.

Keyword Strategy

You now have all these keywords with data points like search volume, keyword sales, keyword competition, relevance, etc.

Should you go for the highest search volume? Or highest relevance? Or lowest competition? How do you decide which keywords to prioritize over others?


Whatever your selling strategy, you can use the Keyword Strategy dropdown options to sort your keywords with one-click.

This will give you an updated keyword list that combines your existing keywords with new keyword opportunities, all judged on the same metrics.

Removing Bad Keywords

Now that you have your keywords sorted by strategy, the last step is to clean up your keyword list to remove any bad keywords like other brands, misspellings, foreign languages and irrelevant keywords.

Click ‘Detect brands, misspells & unrelated keywords’.


Perci will go through your keyword list and look for different categories of bad keywords. At each step, you can choose to remove the detected keywords, keep them, or save them exclusively for your backend keywords.

Your keyword research is done!


You can optionally scroll through your final keyword list and uncheck any that you want to exclude.

It’s worth taking a look here at your new keyword list to see how much it differs from your current keywords. If there a lot of new keywords, or only a few new keywords, that will change how extensively you replace your existing listing copy.

Now click ‘Send to Amazon Listing Generator’ to export your keyword list to Perci’s AI Generator.

Step 2: Generate New Optimized Amazon Listing

When you click ‘Send to Amazon Listing Generator’, you’ll redirect to the Generator and your product details and keywords will transfer with you.


Before you generate, there are a few extra steps you can take.

First, you can adjust any formatting options like title or bullet length. Click ‘Formatting’ and you’ll see the available options.

Second, you can optionally use Bullet Topics to keep your bullets information the same as your existing listing.

Bullet Topics allows you to give Perci specific information or topics for each bullet. It can be just a few words, or it can be an entire paragraph of information.

If your listing already has bullets that you like, the best way to optimize them is to simply copy and paste each bullet as-is into the bullet topics! Then Perci will optimize the new keywords into them.

The last option to consider is ‘Keyword Density’, in the SEO Keywords section. You can use this to adjust how many keywords you want in each part of your listing. More keywords means more search traffic, while less keywords improves readability.


Click ‘Go’ and Perci will write your new listing copy.

Restricted Phrase Check


You may see a popup warning that your listing has some restricted phrases. If you don’t see it, that means your listing is good to go. But if you do see this warning, you’ll find any restricted phrases highlighted red in your listing. You should consider editing those out before you upload, to avoid any problems from Amazon down the road.


After generating you’ll see your new optimized listing appear on the right: Title, bullets, description and backend keywords. All the underlined phrases are your keywords in exact phrase form, and you can also see all used keyword phrases are crossed out on the left side.

Update your listing

Now the fun part: you can update all or part of your existing listing with this new, optimized copy.

Did you only have a few new keywords in your list? Then you might only want to change your title or a few bullets (whichever parts have the new keywords!)

But if your new keyword list had lots of new keyword opportunities, it’s probably the best idea to update everything. 

Give each part of your listing a proofread, and if you want to, you can click ‘rewrite’ to get a new version of anything you like.

Now you can use the ‘copy’ button to quickly replace your old listing copy in Seller Central.

Don’t Forget Your Description

PRO TIP: are you using A+ content? If so, there’s a good chance you’ve left your product description blank, because it’s hidden on your product page.

But even if your product description is hidden, it still indexes! So make sure to grab the description from Perci and drop it into your listing, to get that extra SEO boost.

Save Your Listing

As a final step, click ‘Save & Finish Listing’ to keep your final listing for later in your Perci dashboard.

That’s the entire optimization process, from start to finish!

How Long Before Amazon Listing Optimization Starts Working?

This all depends on Amazon. Some updates, in some categories, can index in as little as a few weeks. Other updates can take 2-3 months to take effect. 

It’s a good idea to track your SEO rankings, to get a good idea about when your changes are starting to get some traction.

Perci Makes Optimization Easy

In the bustling online marketplace that is Amazon, ensuring your product listings are well optimized is key. From heightened product visibility to increased sales, the benefits of effective Amazon listing optimization are huge. And that’s where Perci shines. 

With its ability to harness existing product information, discover potential keywords, and craft new optimized listings, Perci can really help in boosting your Amazon ranking.

If you haven't tried Perci yet, what are you waiting for? Just remember, every day that goes by is a missed opportunity for increased visibility and conversions. 

Don't let your products stay hidden in the vast Amazon marketplace. Let Perci transform your listings and elevate your sales in ways you've never thought possible!

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