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Become a better writer.

Perci gives you writing superpowers, multiplying your creativity so you can write better descriptions faster.


    Stop spending all your energy just to get 'good enough'. Perci will do 80% for you, so you can focus on making each one perfect.


    Perci is powered by state-of-the-art AI that allows you to generate descriptions in seconds. So you can get your descriptions done and delivered.

  • Beat Writer's block

    You've got tons of products that are almost identical. Or you've been writing for hours and your brain is fried. Whenever you can't find the right words, Perci will give you all the inspiration you need.

How perci works

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    Add basic details

    Get started with the name and defining features of your item.

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    Optional power-ups

    Shape your descriptions with the word length, platform, SEO keywords and tone of voice.

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    Finish it off

    Perci will give you all the content you need, so you can quickly scan, edit and make it your own.

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Perci gets you 80% of the way with unique, compelling content in the format and style you need.

  • Amazon listings, Shopify descriptions and more

    Get descriptions in the format you need with options for length, bullets and more to make your descriptions platform-ready.
  • Bulk descriptions

    Have a huge order? Getting it all done can seem impossible. But Perci lets you upload a csv file and generate hundreds or even thousands of descriptions with a few clicks.
  • Add SEO Keywords

    Perci makes it easy to incorporate keywords into your descriptions, so your clients' products will rank higher.
  • Safe and secure

    Your product info is yours and only yours. Your inputs are securely saved, and only available to you (for your history) and to me (to make Perci better), and will never be used for anything else, ever.

Writers and sellers love Perci

"It is a mind-blowing dashboard – with very little inputs it gives overall content. Very exciting to use it."

John Joseph, Amazon seller

"Perci is just amazing. I write many product descriptions on a daily basis and it takes me hours. But when I used Perci, it took me less than a minute to get a professional product description. The sentences were perfect without any grammer or spelling mistakes with high quality content. Every description was unique and different."

Warfana Saeed, copywriter

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Hi! I'm Britton, a professional copywriter. I wanted to help everyone write faster and more creatively, so I taught myself to code and built Perci on nights and weekends. 

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