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I'm Britton, a professional copywriter for 8 years. After writing thousands of Amazon listings myself, I built Perci to help everyone become a better copywriter—whether you're a professional, or you've never written a listing before.

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    Agencies, copywriters and sellers use Perci as their secret listing weapon.

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    Help your copywriting team become more efficient or use Perci as your copywriter.

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    Let Perci do the work, so you can focus on growing your business.

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    Enter as little or as much as you want.

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    Perci will get you an hour ahead in a few seconds.

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    Easily edit and personalize your listing, and off you go.

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Hey copywriters

Using Perci is like having your very own junior copywriter to make you 5x more productive. Let Perci do the monotonous, boring part of the work and fall in love with writing again.


Hey agencies

Give your content team the power to deliver double the listings in half the time. Scale up and down with your client demands, and never get caught short handed.


Hey sellers

Get professional quality listings that sell in seconds. Streamline your content costs and use Perci to find the language that brings your listings to life.


Agencies, writers and sellers love Perci

  • "We tried every AI tool out there, and we have never seen an Amazon tool as good as Perci. It's easy, it's lightning fast and now when our writing team needs to write listings, they start already 75% done. Saves us so much time."

    Josiah Alen, COO
  • "We've been struggling with outsourcing our listings to freelance writers, with the quality and the turnaround time. Perci helps them work much, much faster and they're able to focus on that last 10% of every listing that really makes the difference. So much better now!"

    Sheryl Roberts, Owner/CEO Linked West Ventures
  • "I was spending 1-2 hours on every listing, and I realized if I wanted to keep growing my freelance business I needed to get more efficient. Well, now with Perci I can do an extra 2 listings every day so my earnings are up $2000 each month, and my hours are the same."

    Alex Tryon, freelance copywriter
  • "Writing was the point of bottleneck in our content process. This tool has cut the time it takes in half, and our listing process went from overwhelming to easy thanks to Perci."

    Thijs Van Tassel
  • "Perci is just amazing. I write many product descriptions on a daily basis and it takes me hours. But when I used Perci, it took me less than a minute to get a professional listing. The sentences were perfect without any grammer or spelling mistakes with high quality content. Every description was unique and different."

    Warfana Saeed, Virtual Assistant

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