How To Translate Amazon Listings To A New Country

published on 01 March 2024

Let's talk about expanding your Amazon empire, shall we? Exciting times are ahead as you venture into new countries.

Now, your product may be top-notch and super cool, but if it's lost in translation, well, that won't cut it.


Investing in correctly translating your Amazon listings to suit the new markets you're breaking into is essential to make sure your effort pays off, so serving a new market become a gain instead of a loss.

Luckily, Perci makes it easy and quick to translate your listings to new countries, complete with local keywords and authentic language that will convert shoppers worldwide.

Whether you want to list in one country like Mexico or through an entire continent (hello Europe!, we’re going to show you how to translate your listings, step by step.

Buckle up! Let’s start the ride towards global e-commerce success.

Foreign Markets? You Need an Amazon Translate Tool 

Translating your Amazon listings to a new country is about more than reaching a larger audience; it's about reaching the right audience with the right language.

First, you need to have the right keywords to reach the right shoppers.

Second, you need the right words to convince them to buy your product over the competition. By offering descriptions in their native language, customers can gain clear insight into your product, increasing the chance they will make a purchase. 

It gives your potential buyers the confidence to purchase knowing exactly what they are getting, potentially reducing negative reviews and returns due to misunderstood product information.

So in essence, translating your product listing into the language of your new market increases reach, fosters trust, and improves customer conversion rates. That’s why a reliable translation tool like Perci is central to your expansion.

We’ll use this Amazon USA listing as an example, to translate into German.
We’ll use this Amazon USA listing as an example, to translate into German.

Why Is Perci the Best Tool to Translate Amazon Listings?

Expanding to a new Amazon country needs more than just language proficiency—you need Amazon expertise. That’s where Perci stands above the competition.

International Keyword Research

First, Perci is the only tool that automates finding Amazon keywords in all Amazon foreign markets. 

You can’t just take your current keywords and translate them. Each country searches for products in slightly different ways, so you need to do new keyword research for each new country. Perci makes this super easy.

Works in all languages

Perci also writes and optimizes in every Amazon marketplace language, so no matter where you’re expanding to, you’ll be covered with Perci.

Better listing quality

Last but certainly not least, Perci creates the highest quality listings, period. Translation or not, the better your listing copy, the better your traffic and conversion.

Perci isn’t just a translation tool; it’s a full-fledged partner in your global expansion, an asset in breaking language barriers, and adept at promoting your visibility in each new market. Its comprehensive approach ensures that your listings are not just translated, but are also optimized, relevant, and compelling.

Now we’ll show you exactly how to use Perci, step by step.

Optional Step: Open a Translation Tool

All AI tools need information about your product in order to create and optimize your listing. 

You’ll get much better results if the information you give is in the destination language. That way, Perci’s AI can focus more on creating the best listing and doesn’t need to also translate your language at the same time.

We don’t recommend Google Translate—the best free translation tool is DeepL.


Leave DeepL open in a browser tab, to translate any text from your existing listing as you go.

Step 1: Find New Amazon keywords

Before you can start creating your new foreign listing, you need foreign keywords. These are local search terms to optimize your listing in the new language. This will allow shoppers in that country to easily find your product in Amazon's search results.

To find new keywords for your Amazon translation, use Perci’s [keyword wizard link] Keyword Wizard tool:


In the ‘market’ dropdown, choose the country you want to list in.

Then either add a root keyword (if you want to search by keyword) or add some competitor ASINs from the new country you’re targeting.

Put the name of your product below that.

Then in the ‘product details’ section, add all of your Amazon title, and all your bullets, translated into the target language. You don’t need to worry about formatting, you can just copy and paste everything in whatever form it’s in.

Then click 'search'.

The first section will look something like this when you've filled it in.
The first section will look something like this when you've filled it in.

You’ll see your keyword search results appear in the new language.


Below the ‘Search’ step, you’ll see the Keyword Strategy options. If you want to, you can choose the SEO strategy that best suits your product and selling strategy.

Finally, we have the ‘Detect bad keywords’ step. In the language dropdown, select the language you want to translate to. Then enter your brand name and click the ‘Detect bad keywords’ button. 

This step will look through all your keywords to identify any and all keywords that you should remove—like other brands, misspellings or other languages that you don’t want to include. This is a very important step for foreign language listings!


Congratulations! You now have your completed keyword list for your new foreign language listing. Wasn’t that easy?

Now click ‘Send to Amazon’ to keep going!

(For a deeper dive into Keyword Wizard, check out this in-depth video walkthrough)

When you click ‘Send to Amazon’, you’ll be redirected to Perci’s Amazon Listing Generator tool. 


You’ll notice that all of the information you had has come with you: your product name, details, language, and importantly, all of the SEO keywords you just researched.

Now there’s just one more step before you generate: we’re going to give Perci guidance for your Amazon bullets, using the ‘bullet topics’ option on the left.

Click the ‘bullet topics’ button, and you’ll see 5 text areas appear below it.


For each of your bullets, take them and translate them into the target language in your free translation tool. Then paste the translation into that bullet topic in Perci.


What’s the point of this? It will make sure that when Perci creates your translated listing, you will get the same bullet topics and product information, in the same order as your existing listing.

If you don’t really like your existing bullets, you can skip this but it’s a handy way to keep your translation as true to the original listing as possible.

Now, click ‘Go’ to create your new translated listing!

Step 3: Check Your New Amazon Listing Translation


A few seconds after you hit ‘Go’, you’ll see your new translation appear.

Now it’s time to give your listing a once-over to make sure the information is correct. Have a look at the translated inputs you used, and the translated listing Perci wrote, to make sure that the product details are correct.

You can see the keywords on the left. Keywords will cross out when they are optimized in your listing in exact phrase form, and the keywords will also be underlined in your listing in green.

If you want to edit or rewrite anything, you can click directly on the listing to type directly, or you can click the ‘rewrite’ button beside any element to regenerate that piece.

Finally, make sure to click ‘Save Listing’–then your final listing will be saved in your dashboard, to revisit anytime later for further changes.

It's That Easy To Translate Amazon Listings

Expanding to new Amazon markets is a phenomenal opportunity to take your business to new heights. 

A well-translated listing is key to this journey, not just to reach new international customers, but communicating the value of your product in a language they understand and trust.

As we've explored in this guide, Perci can streamline and simplify the translation process on another level, ensuring your opportunities aren't lost in translation. Perci’s unmatched capability in automated keyword research across languages, thorough coverage of all Amazon languages, and its ability to optimize new keywords place it at the top. 

Embrace the global stage, amplify your reach, and never underestimate the power of effectively translated listings - your passport to international success on Amazon is just a few clicks away!

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