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Create and optimize your Amazon listing for SEO and conversion with advanced AI. With Perci's Listing Generator, creating your own high-performing listings fast and easy.

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Generate powerful, optimized Amazon listings in minutes

  • elevate your products

    Perci takes the basic details of your products and brings them to life for your shoppers with benefits, use cases and copywriting psychology.

  • Maximize your keyword power

    Automatically optimize your SEO keywords and phrases throughout your listing to raise your spot in search results and drive more traffic.

  • Increase your sales

    Well-written, informative listings are proven to convert more Amazon sales. Perci makes sure your listings are optimized to turn shoppers into buyers.

Avoid Banned & Restricted Phrases

Perci automatically avoids Amazon's banned phrases, and alerts you to restricted phrases that could trigger an Amazon investigation.

You can trust Perci listings to be Amazon-compliant and you won't have any surprises later.

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Best Practice SEO Optimization

  • Your most powerful keywords are optimized in the best parts of your listing: Title, then bullets, then description & backend.

  • Smart keyword combinations to fit more SEO keywords into your listing

  • Keywords are used in exact phrase form to make sure your listing gets the maximum power from your keywords
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Automatically Formatted For Amazon

Your listing will never be rejected and shoppers will see your content in the best way possible.

You also have creative control over lengths, formatting options, tone of voice and more.

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Generate Amazon listings in bulk

Need to create a lot of optimized Amazon listings? You can upload a spreadsheet of your product info and Perci will write all of your listings in one step, saving your team hundreds—or even thousands—of hours on optimized content.

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Improve your listings and
boost your sales

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