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AI Listing Optimization Tools to Grow Your Amazon Business

Find Amazon SEO Keywords


Use AI to find the best Amazon SEO keywords and phrases to boost your rank and drive traffic.

Create Your Listing


Generate your optimized listing with advanced AI software built specifically for Amazon.

Optimize Existing Listings


Update your existing listing for better SEO coverage, higher traffic and more sales.

ChatGPT isn't an Amazon expert. But Perci is.

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The only AI trained specifically for Amazon listings

Unlike ChatGPT and general AI tools, Perci avoids common Amazon mistakes automatically

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The only tool that catches banned and restricted phrases

Automatically detect 300+ restricted phrases before they trigger investigations or Amazon takes down your listing.

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The only tool that uses AI to find your Amazon keywords

Automate your keyword strategy, remove branded keywords and filter out irrelevant terms to get the best keywords for your product in seconds.

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Make AI Your Competitive Advantage

Access powerful, easy-to-use tools to create and optimize your listings.

Professional listings for 10x less than a copywriter

Try Perci risk-free for 30 days with our money-back guarantee.

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Perci Powers Amazon Success

Brands, agencies and sellers trust Perci for Amazon listing optimization.

  • "We are diamond users of Helium 10 and they just added chatgtp to the tool.  I did a listing with Perci and then theirs with the same prompts to compare, and the Perci listing came out WAY better. Plus have way more customization with Perci which I love. 

    I hardly had to revise anything, I was amazed by it. "

    Tim Covey, Brand Owner
  • "I tried a bunch of AI listing tools and Perci makes it so easy! The writing was perfect and I barely changed anything."

    Britni Miller, Product Marketing | Pit Posse Motorsports
  • I took on a new job at a company where I was tasked with getting literally thousands of products listed and optimized on Amazon. The sheer volume was overwhelming and I thought, "How am I ever going to get this done?" Enter Perci--what an amazing tool. I tried using chatgpt and other ai tools with my own spreadsheets, but the process was slow and cumbersome. Perci has done all of the setup for you ahead of time. All you have to do is enter a little information about your product and play with a few settings and then BAM, you have a listing the meets all of amazon's rules and requirements. It's fantastic. And it includes an SEO keyword tool to boot. Can't say enough good things about this product. You'd be a fool not to use it.

    Colin O'Quinn, Channel Market Manager
  • "Writing was the point of bottleneck in our content process. This Amazon product listing software has cut the time it takes in half, and our content process went from overwhelming to easy thanks to Perci."

    Thijs Van Tassel
  • "Perci is just amazing. I write many product descriptions on a daily basis and it takes me hours. But when I used Perci, it took me less than a minute to get a professional listing. The sentences were perfect without any grammer or spelling mistakes with high quality content. Every description was unique and different."

    Warfana Saeed, Virtual Assistant

Amazon Listings You Can Trust

Don't just make a listing. Make a successful listing.

  • Avoid investigations

    Perci avoids Amazon's banned words and phrases, and catches 300+ 'caution' phrases so your listing won't trigger investigations.

  • Increase your sales

    Get more traffic to your listing and increase your conversion rate with best-practice content that optimized to convert shoppers.

  • Better Than ChatGPT

    Perci AI is built specifically for Amazon listings and understands Amazon rules, restrictions and best practices. No general AI tool comes close.

  • Optimize For SEO

    Perci uses advanced AI to find and optimize the best SEO keywords and phrases into your Amazon listing.

  • All marketplaces and languages

    Expand into new marketplaces, find keywords for new markets and create localized listings.

  • Bulk-generate hundreds of listings

    Fully automate your Amazon listing writing with bulk generations that work off your product spreadsheets.

Hey Content Teams

Using Perci is like giving your team Amazon listing optimization superpowers. Let Perci find your Amazon SEO keywords and optimize your listing with proven, up-to-date Amazon best practices.

Amazon listing optimization copywriter

Hey Agencies

Boost your clients' results with optimized listings at a fraction of the time and cost. With Perci you'll be ready to handle any number of listings without breaking a sweat.

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Hey Sellers

Get professional, SEO optimized listings that increase your Amazon rank and drive more conversions.

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